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Cookpad Inc. (TYO: 2193) is a food tech company. The company operates "Cookpad" which is Japan’s largest recipe sharing service, with 60 million monthly unique users in Japan and 40 million monthly unique users globally, allowing visitors to upload and search through original, user-created recipes. The firm established its global headquarters in Bristol, UK, and is expanding its business into inte


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Former Employee - Senior Ruby On Rails Developer says

"Much of the senior development team based in Japan make work really hard for developers based in the UK. Their drive to have a good and clean codebase does not account very well with adapting to the diverse team and ideas, and there is overall a low level of trust between management and senior members. They seem to value most individuals with bullying manners for as long as they get the job done, but that causes other members distress which they fail to address promptly. There is always a try to control everything without putting the extra effort to low the frustration and pressure that comes with it, especially from the management team. Difficult and too scarce communication with too much expectation make it difficult to work there. There is a mix of the "Discipline" Japanese culture and the "I tell you this to make you happy but I won't actually act to make anything better" which is the British way. And this is a very bad mix in the long term."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"It's great that a core reason you like being part of Cookpad is the people you work with every day. Cookpad in Bristol is a start-up environment - we try lots of things, and it can seem chaotic. However, how we work reflects our optimism to build a better world and what we focus on is shaped by solving real problems for people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thankyou for taking the time to provide feedback. We are a start-up in the UK, as well as going through a period of intense growth. We know that can sometimes feel chaotic and we're working on how to balance that. We're always looking to improve so if you would like to share more detailed feedback, please email us on"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't expect an international employee body at the Tokyo office. It's still a very domestic work culture. Belief in mission, especially among upper management, can feel a little too over-the-top and cult-like. Business directives change too frequently, many new projects built-up to great fanfare only to be silently phased out a year later -- maybe this is common for startups, but we're talking about a listed organization -- I would have like to see more follow-through and organization from management."

Current Employee - Business Development says

"This review is factually incorrect for the global team where English is our common language. We are proud to have a highly diverse workforce in the UK, reflecting the languages of Cookpad communities around the globe. Over 31 different nationalities work in the Bristol office creating a great team vibe and fun cooking sessions! In our Japan office, depending on teams and departments the common language could be Japanese."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The Cookpad team is made up of an extraordinary, diverse range of people. Our focus is on hiring top talent who identify with our mission and, as with our Cookpad community, all ages and backgrounds are represented. We are proud that 29 different nationalities currently work in our Bristol office."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"It used to be a great place for foreigners and with a international mentality but it's starting to become more and more a japanese company. Salary policy is not really great. You start with what you were earning in your previous company and raised (or lowered) from there. You might get shifted around departments and have little saying in that."